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Hotter Engineering has a proud heritage of engineering innovation

Company founder Tom Hotter formed the business in 1956 to service the general engineering repair requirements of the local farming community and quickly made his name as an engineering pioneer. His design of a circular cow yard and motorised backing gate in 1959 was the company’s first NZ patent and a concept that became the benchmark for dairy shed design through to the 1990s.

Lifelong friend Merv Hicks invented the TURN-STYLESTM Rotary Milking System in 1968 and Hotter Engineering manufacture the prototype which was installed on Merv’s farm in September 1969.

The new concept was granted a worldwide patent in 1970 and has since become the preferred milking system for most of the World’s large scale dairy operations. Global milking systems giant DeLaval bought the Turn-Styles brand and IP from Merv in 1989 which started a 25 year collaboration between Hotter Engineering and DeLaval.

Merv Hicks was honoured with a NZ Dairy Industry lifetime Achievement Award in 2005, an award that has only one recipient annually.

Hotter Engineering has been at the forefront of rotary platform innovation since current owner and Managing Director Russell Hotter bought the company off his father Tom in 1992 and has grown into the most experienced designer and manufacturer of Parallel Rotary Milking Platforms in the World. A fresh approach to design and manufacturing based on modern machinery and technology see that company today with an impressive array of the most up to date CNC machinery and robotics to produce the highest quality products to meet increasing global demand.

DeLaval International AB in Sweden approached Hotter Engineering in 2005 to collaborate on a new generation of Rotary Platform that was launched onto the World market in 2007. This partnership has seen high quality platforms manufactured in our Eltham factory and exported globally.

Our experience is second to none, with more than 500 rotary platforms installed in over 30 countries

We strive to continue the legacy that was started by two dairy Industry pioneers many years ago, and with the best use of innovation, technology and environmental awareness, enhance the lifestyles and profitability of our customers.

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