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Hotter Engineering has some of the most state of the art CNC pipe bending and section rolling machinery available.


Pipe Bending

Our new SOCO SB-63 Auto pipe bender gives us unparalleled accuracy and efficiency for bending pipe and tube up to 63mm OD.

Fully programmable for length, band angle and rotation angle complex bends are a breeze and fully repeatable. Mandrel bending on lighter tube and tight radius ensure highly accurate bends.

CNC operated hydraulic split die means we can accurately bend 25NB pipe to over 180 degrees. We also have a range of NC and manual pipe benders to cater for all pipe bending requirements from 16mm stainless tube through to 90mm OD  heavy walled pipe. 

Section Rolling

Our factory is equipped with 5 section rollers, the latest is a large capacity Durma CNC controlled machine.

While this machine has the primary function of rolling the 150UB sections for our rotary platform tracks to precise tolerances it has the capacity to roll other sections with ease. The 3 drive rollers have 110mm shafts driven by hydraulic motors to accurately roll to the following specs:

  • 60x60 solid square to 600 external diameter
  • 100 x 25 Flat Bar on edge to 800 diameter
  • 180x35 Flat Bar on face to 600 diameter
  • 200x75 PFC to 1000 diameter ( toe in or toe out )
  • 90x90x6 RHS to 1000 diameter
  • 125x75x5 RHS to 1000 diameter
  • 100NB pipe to 1200 diameter
  • 90x10 Angle iron to 1000 diameter

Our Akyapac Akbend 100 machine has similar capabilities with an NC controller instead of the programmable CNC control.

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