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Our Robot Welding Centre can cater for your every production welding need. We have 2 OTC Long Reach robots running 400 amp welders for perfect welds on 1mm through to 20mm material. 

The OTC Pulse MAG/MIG AND CO2 /MAG gives unparalleled quality welds on Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium with incredible arc stability at very low current range and equally at very high weld speeds. 

Computer controlled arc parameters allow for optimum weld conditions to be set along the length of the weld, reducing the voltage as the weld plate heats during the weld cycle. Programmed crater fill and post flow of gas means a perfect weld every time.

Our latest robot the OTC FD-6VL is equipped with a 3m long rotating table allowing robot welding in 3D. 

To view a video of the Robot Welder at work CLICK HERE

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