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Agri 2000 Exit Gates

The Agri 2000 Herringbone exit gate is the ideal solution to assist cow flow in conventional herringbone cowsheds. The strong hot dip galvanized frame is covered with a resin welded PVC curtain for ease of cleaning and optimum life. This is the same material that is used on truck curtainsides so is well proven to stand the test of time. 

The full physical and visual barrier has the effect of calming stock positioned up against the gate unlike conventional pipe or RHS gates which have no visual barrier. The quick action of the gate optimises stock control, the closing barrier stops them instantly from trying to beat the gate closed. Operation is by quick acting handles spaced along the pit. Very low maintenance with easy installation, in most cases a set can be installed in existing dairies between milkings. Drafting Gates and Head Bail Gates also available in the same design

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  • ​Winner of a Product Improvement Award at NZ National Fieldays.
  • Recommended by Taranaki vet Neil Chesterton BVSc
    “These are the best solution I have seen yet for end gates of Herringbone Sheds”

Rotating Power Glands

Hotter Engineering manufactures rotating power glands for installation on Rotary Platforms and Circular cow yards.

Rotary Platform Gland

The 7 track rotary power gland is designed to be retrofitted to older milking platforms to upgrade to on platform pumping and electronic pulsation. The 7 tracks allow for one 400v 3 phase connection and one single phase connection with a monitored earth. The stainless steel cover protects the gland from moisture.

The base of the gland mounts onto a 25NB pipe fixed in position to the platform centre post while the outer gland rotates with the platform. Contact brushes and terminals are replaceable. 

Circular Yard Power Gland

The circular yard power gland is designed to be mounted over a 100NB (4”) pipe yard centre post and allows 2 backing gates to rotate continually through 360o. 

The Circular yard gland has 9 tracks for two 400v 3 phase connections and a monitored earth. A stainless steel cover protects the gland.

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