Rotary Cowsheds

Hotter Engineering has been involved in the manufacture of rotary milking platforms since 1969 and was the manufacturer of the original TURN-STYLES platform.

Our experience and expertise is second to none with over 600 platforms manufactured and installed globally by our specialist teams. Our production capacity has increased substantially over the past 5 years to meet global demand, our high tech manufacturing capabilities (see manufacturing) ensure that we are delivering platforms of exceptional quality to exacting standards.

We are currently the largest supplier of parallel (PR) rotaries to DeLaval globally with as many as 80 platforms per year being exported from our Taranaki factory (see Projects for photo gallery).

Standard Platform Options

Platforms are available in the following standard sizes through the whole range.

30, 34, 40, 44, 50, 54, 60, 64, 70, 80, 100 Bail - Custom platforms are available outside this range

There are 3 deck options available

  • Steel Deck - Painted chequer plate
  • SUPERDEK - Corrosion resistant alloy tread plate
  • Concrete Deck - Brush finished 40mpa high specification concrete.

All standard platforms are Open Centre, Monoslope design. Custom platforms can be manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

All platforms are prefabricated in our factory then shipped in kitset form to site where they are assembled to exacting standards. 

Concrete Deck Platform

The concrete deck is 100mm thick high strength reinforced 40mpa concrete poured in situ and finished to a non slip surface. The concrete form work is removed after concrete curing to leave a smooth surface under the platform for easy of cleaning and corrosion resistance All exposed steel is Hot Dip Galvanized for durability.

Both PR1500 (Pipe Bail) and PR2100 (Cabinet Bail) are available in concrete deck

Image 1 - DeLaval PR1500 Platform 
Image 2 - DeLaval PR1500 (Pipe Bail) platform with Concrete Deck - Installed near Wanganui, NZ
Image 3 - DeLaval PR2100 (Cabinet Bail) platform with Concrete Deck - Installed near Eltham, NZ

Steel Deck Platform

The platform consists of a mild steel tread plate which is sandblasted to SA2.5 and primed with an epoxy zinc based primer in the factory. Once all welding has been completed the platform is painted with an epoxy 2 pot paint system to seal all joints and provide a durable, long life finish to the deck. Substructure is hot dip galvanized mild steel all fully welded to ensure rigidity.

Bails are all hot dip galvanized after fabrication.

DeLaval PR2100 Steel Deck Platform shown - Installed in Veneto, Italy

SUPERDEK™ Platform

The platform deck is constructed of 3CR12 alloy tread plate which has the same corrosion resistant properties as stainless steel. The outside edge is formed from grade 304 stainless steel.
All welding is done using 308 stainless which is polished at the completion of the process. The fully galvanized substructure is the same as steel deck platforms.

The SUPERDEK platform is up to 50% lighter than it’s concrete equivalent while still remaining rigid enough to support a low pipe or cabinet bail. Corrosion resistance is well proven over 20 years

DeLaval PR2100 Superdek Platform shown - This example under construction near Osorno, Chile

Platform Rollers

All pedestals for platform rollers are hot dip galvanized after fabrication to provide corrosion resistance and long service life. Rollers are precision machined on our Victor CNC lathe from medium tensile, high carbon shaft or 1045 grade bright steel. Machining tolerances of .01mm enhance roller and bearing life. All rollers are tapered to reduce contact friction and drag and are adjustable for :

  • Camber ( Level )
  • Caster ( Orientation with centre of platform )
  • Height

These adjustments allow the rollers to be set up to exacting standards. The pedestal features a quick release system to allow for ease of maintenance

Custom Platforms

Custom platforms are available where the standard product range does not meet your requirement. Whether it is a non standard size, bail specification or roller type our design team is vastly experienced in providing custom solutions and has a wide range of options to choose from built up over our 45 years at the forefront of rotary platform design. 

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